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Office of Emergency Management

Denville OEM will be hosting a FEMA course titled, Are you ready?  This course is open to the public free of charge at the Denville Community Room located on the first floor in the Denville Town Hall. This course will offer participants a look at what to do when disaster strikes close to home.

If you think it can’t happen here, think again. Many times citizens rely on police, fire, and emergency medical services to be at their beckon call when an emergency takes place. In reality, when a large incident occurs, many of the local and neighboring resources cannot attend to everyone at the same time or they may not be able to reach you due to downed trees/ power lines or flooded roadways.

Having an individual, family, or business emergency plan can help take the stress off of the emergency response system and also offer you peace of mind.

Topics covered:

Hurricane preparedness

Flood proofing and mitigation measures for your home or business

Tornado awareness

Summer safety

Heat waves

Winter safety

Man-made disasters

Technological disasters

Terrorism awareness

The course length is approximately 2.5 hrs long and contains video and power point presentations.

Refreshments and snacks will be on hand.

If you have any questions prior to this free course, please contact:

Denville Office of Emergency Management
Contact info:  Wesley Sharples (973)727-8540     
e-mail:  wsharples@denvillepolice.org