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 Information Letter for Vendors

Bids will no longer be available for purchase at the Township Clerks office.  All bids can be obtained for Free by downloading directly from the Township of Denville website or from our  Online Bid System 

 Addendums will be sent to interested parties only after vendor is registered properly.

 Any questions please call Darlene Price 973-625-8300 ext 296

Projects / Bids

Bid #  Description  Specs.  Addendum  Legal Notice  Bid Opening Date  Awarded 
1-18 Knuth Farm Lease     Download PDF 1/25/18 11am   
 2-18 Fire Department Dive Team Equipment      Download PDF 2/15/18 11am   
3-18 Dept of Public Works Water Fittings and Valves       3/1/18 11am  
 1-17 Municipal Building Renovations for the inclusion of the Board of Ed      Download PDF  1/17/17 11am  rejected 
2-17 Compact Snow Machine     Download PDF 6/1/17 11am awarded
 3-17 Dept of Public Works Low-Boy Trailer     Download PDF  6/1/17 11am  awarded
 4-17 Municipal Building Renovations for the inclusion of the Board of Ed RE-BID      Download PDF 9/20/17 11am rejected
5-17 Muriel Hepner Park Pedestrian Bridge Replacment     Download PDF  10/11/17 11am  rejected
 6-17 Muriel Hepner Park Pedestrian Bridge Replacment RE-BID      Download PDF 12/14/17 11am awarded
8-16 25KW Generator and a 22KW Generator     Download PDF 8/16/16 11am  
7-16 Two DPW Trucks Bid opening      Download PDF  7/27/16 11am  
6-16 Double Drum Vibratory Roller      Download PDF  7/14/16 11am  
5-16 General Contracting and Constuction Services     Download PDF 7/13/16/11am  
4-16 Truck Mounted combination Jet/Vacuum Sewer Cleaner     Download PDF 7/12/16 11am  
3-16 Re-Bid Field and Lawn Maint.     Download PDF 5/12/16 11am  
2-16 MK Tank Renovation and Painting   Download PDF Download PDF 5/11/16 11am  
1-16 Field and Lawn Maint.     Download PDF  3/30/16 11am rejected
11-2015 Broadway Streetscape Improvements Pase I and II     Download PDF 12/16/15 11am  
10-15 2nd Rebid Outdoor Mobile Stage     Download PDF 9/15/15 11am  
9-15 Sewer camera     Download PDF 8/27/15 11am  
8-15 Outdoor Mobile Stage     Download PDF    
7-15  Notice of Intent to Award - Ambulance     Download PDF    
6-15 3rd Re-Bid Janitorial Services     Download PDF 6/10/15 8:30am  
5-15 Outdoor Mobile Stage     Download PDF 6/11/15 11am  
5-15 Muriel Hepner Sidewalk Improvements     Download PDF 5/27/15 11am  
2-15 Standby Generator     Download PDF 3/11/15 11am rejected
1-15 Janitorial Services     Download PDF 1/18/15 11am rejected
8-14 Rockaway River water Course Cleaning Phase 2     Download PDF 12/18/14 awarded
7-14 Rockaway River Water Course Cleaning     Download PDF 11/6/14 11am awarded
6-14 Professional Services, Revaluation for tax year 2016     Download PDF 10/1/14 11am awarded
5-14 Municipal Refuse Collection     Download PDF 11/13/14 11am awarded
4-14 DPW Vehicles and Detachable Plows     Download PDF  7/2/14 11am awarded
3-14 Re-Bid 4 Wheel Drive Loader     Download PDF 5/14/14 11am awarded
2-14 4 Wheel Drive Loader     Download PDF   cancelled
1-14 (Rebid) Veterans Field Improvements     Download PDF 4/2/14 11am awarded 
8-13 Veterans Field Improvements   Download PDF 1
Download PDF 2
Download PDF 3
Download PDF 1/14/14 2pm rejected 
7-13 Forest Trail Pump Station Solids Handling Pump Replacement   Download PDF 1
Download PDF 2
Download PDF 1/14/14 1pm

6-13 General Contracting Construction Services         Yes
5-13 5 year lease to conduct agricultural activity at Knuth Farm         Yes
4-13 Field and Lawn Maintenance         Yes
3-13  Demolition Riverside Properties      Download PDF    Yes 
2-13  Emergency Tree Removal and Stump Grinding          Yes 
1-13  Renovation/Alteration Valleyview Firehouse     Download PDF   Yes
8-12 Lawn Maintenance     Download PDF   rebid
7-12 Stump Grinding/Emergency Tree Service     Download PDF   rebid
6-12 Demolition of Riverside Dr Properties     Download PDF    rebid
5-12 Street Sweeper/Catch Basin Cleaner     Download PDF   yes
4-12 Road Crack Sealing     Download PDF    no
3-12 Department of Public Works Asphalt Crack Sealing Machine      Download PDF 8-22-2012
11:00 am 
2-12 Police Dept. Renovations     Download PDF   yes
1-12 The Purchase of Water Fittings and Valves     Download PDF   yes
5-11 Emergency Tree Removal and Stump Grinding     Download PDF 8-24-2011 
11:00 am
4-11 Water Main Improvement     Download PDF   yes
3-11 Solid Waste Removal   Download PDF Download PDF 4-27-2011 
11:00 am
2-11 Landscaping and Field Maint. Download PDF   Download PDF 3-11-2011 11:00 am yes
1-11 Water Vales & Fittings Download PDF   Download PDF 2-16-2011 
11:00 am
2010 Server Room A/C Download PDF   Download PDF   yes