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Zoning Department


The Zoning Department regulates the use of all commercial and residential properties.  It has jurisdiction over the height, size & shape of all buildings including accessory structures.  Commercial businesses are also the responsibility of this department.

   This map is being provided for reference only.  All zoning information should be reviewed by the Zoning Officer to ensure accuracy before proceeding.  


  • New Construction ( residential & commercial)
  • Rebuilds                                                                             
  • Additions                                                                        
  • Pools
  • Garages (attached or detached)
  • Cabanas & accessory buildings
  • Sheds
  • Walls
  • Fences
  • Steps
  • Porticos
  • Signs
  • NEW BUSINESS  (see below)
These are the most typical projects that need zoning review and approval.  If you are contemplating any projects that impact your property, please check with the Construction/zoning department before beginning. We will also need a copy of your survey showing the location of the improvement.  

Zoning  Fees

Construction Projects   $35

Commercial Signs  $75

New Businesses  $125

           Commercial  Businesses               

In order to open a new business or to take over ownership of an existing one, a Business License must be obtained.  This application should be submitted and approved before you sign a lease or buy the property.  Zoning will review the type of business and whether it is a permitted use for that location.
If you are planning on doing any renovation to the property, either interior or exterior, you must apply for the proper building permits from the Construction Department.  If it is a food establishment, you should contact the Health Department to check their regulations and requirements.
Any new signage or replacement of existing signs, requires zoning approval and also a building permit.  See the sign ordinance above for what is permitted.

 Township Zones

(for a complete list go to Town Ordinances on the home page)

B-1 Central Business R-1   One Family Residence
B-2 Highway Business District R-1A  One Family Residence
B-2A  Highway Business District R-1B  One Family Residence
B-3  General Business District R-2A  One Family Residence
I-1  Industrial District R-3  One Family Residence
I-2  Industrial District R-4  Two Family Residence
OB-3  Office Building District  R-2 One Family Residence
OB-4  Office Building District  

(For a complete list go to Ordinances on the Home Page)