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Domestic Partnership Info & FAQ

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Who can apply for an affidavit of domestic partnership?

Couples wishing to register for a domestic partnership affidavit must be of the same-sex or opposite-sex age 62 or older and meet the following requirements of the Domestic Partnership Act.  The affidavit must be completed and signed by both applicants at the office of the municipality in which you apply.  The affidavit will be notarized at that time.

If the address is outside New Jersey, one of the applicants must provide proof of belonging to the State Administrative Retirement System of New Jersey presenting one of the following documents issued by the Division of Pensions and Benefits.

  • Personal Benefit Statement  - recent or previous year
  • 1099 R – recent or previous year
  • Certificate of pension membership

What are the documents required to apply for a domestic partnership?

All applicants must present valid identification that establishes their name, age, date of birth and address.  Examples of documents that you may show

  • Driver’s license
  • State, county or military identification
  • Vehicle registration
  • Passport
  • Mortgage or Rental agreement
  • Tax return – recent or previous year
  • Utility bill
  • Bank statement

 Additional data to seek an affidavit of domestic partnership

  • The couple must share a common residence in New Jersey or in another jurisdiction provided that an applicant belongs to the state administrative           system of retirement of New Jersey.
  • Both are responsible for the common well-being by demonstrating financial agreement as evidence.
  • Both agree to be responsible for common basic expenses during the domestic   partnership.
  • Not in a current marriage or civil union recognized in New Jersey or a member of a domestic partnership with another individual.
  • Cannot be related by blood or marriage relatives up to and including the fourth degree of consanguinity.
  • Choose to share their lives with a commitment to mutual care
  • Have not terminated another domestic partnership within the last 180 days

How much does a domestic partnership cost?

The domestic partnership requires a non-refundable payment of Fee Schedule when applying for the license.

Will I need to set up an appointment to apply for the domestic partnership affidavit?

Appointments for domestic partnership affidavit are required. Call the Registrar at 973-625-8300 EXT 266 to schedule an appointment.

How can I reach the Registrar?

Please contact us at 973-625-8300 EXT 262.

Who is authorized to receive a certified copy of a domestic partnership certificate? 

The following persons are authorized to obtain a certified copy of a record.  Proof of relationship to the person named on the record is required. 

  • The registered couple named on the domestic partnership certificate 
  • The parents of the individuals listed on the record 
  • A child of the person named on the record if of legal age.  (You will need to show your own birth certificate.) 
  •  A sibling of the person named on the record.
     (You will have to show a certified copy of your birth certificate.) 
  • A legal representative (You will be required to show a court order.) 
  •  A guardian with legal custody of a minor child (You will have to show the court order.) 
  • A federal, state, or local government agency for official use only. Identification is required. .

Where can I get a certified copy of a domestic partnership certificate? 

Apply in person or send your written request to: Registrar, Denville Division of Health, 1 Saint Mary’s Place, Denville, New Jersey 08374.  Our office hours are Monday through Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. Our counter hours are Monday through Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 3:45 pm.

What will I need to do to obtain a certified copy of a domestic partnership certificate by mail? 

If you send your application by mail, please provide the following information or print a copy of the application to request a certificate and complete the Domestic Partnership section.

  1. The full name of the couple as it appears in the record.   
  2. The exact date of the domestic partnership.
  3. The place of the domestic partnership. 
  4. Attach copies of your proof of relationship to the individual identified on the record, unless you are requesting your own record. 
  5. Indicate the number of copies needed, and the reason for which you are applying for the domestic partnership certificate (to obtain a passport, driver’s license, identification, registration for school, marriage, etc.) 
  6. Include your telephone number

ID Checklist

Certificate Request Form

How much does a certified copy of a domestic partnership certificate cost? 

The cost for a certified copy is Fee Schedule per copy.

Credit cards or personal checks are not accepted. Money orders addressed to “Denville Division of Health” are acceptable. You may pay cash in person.

How can I reach the Registrar? 

Please contact us at 973-625-8300 EXT 262.