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 Q.   How do I change my mailing address for official correspondence from

       the Township of Denville?

 A.    Written change of address information should be sent to the Tax Assessor.

Q.    Does the Township have a copy of my survey?

A.     Surveys are not filed with the Municipality.  Owners should receive a copy

        of their survey at the time of closing


Q.   My spouse/civil union partner has died, how do I remove their name from the

       tax records?

A.    Tax records can be changed due to death, with the proper official documentation,

        i.e. death certificate, probated last will and testament. 

        Note: only a filed deed can supersede a previously filed deed, deeds can be

        changed by filing a new deed.  Deeds must be filed with the Morris County Clerk. 

 Q.   My spouse/civil union partner was receiving a senior citizen, veteran or disability

       property tax deduction, will this deduction continue?

A.    Yes, if the qualifying criteria is applicable.  However, continuance is not automatic,

       you must apply for the deduction as the surviving spouse/civil union partner. 

       Forms are available from the Tax Assessor.

Q.    I am now divorced and awarded sole ownership of the property by the courts,

       how do I change the records?

 A.   The tax assessor needs a copy of the filed divorce decree awarding

       you the property.  Also, if you are female and  a surname change

       has been approved by the Court,  that court document must be

       provided to the Tax Assessor.  

Q.    I subdivided a property, demolished a pool, building, etc. when will I see

       the difference in my tax bills? 

 A.    Tax bills are calculated in July, when we receive the new tax rate. 

        The bill you receive in July represents the physical conditions existing

        on the property as of October 1st of the pretax year.  If you demolished a

        pool on 12/28/09, it will not be reflected in the July 2010 tax bill

        (demolition occurred after 10/1/09).  The change will be effective for 2011