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Flood Management

Flood Management information for the township can be obtained from the engineering office at town hall during normal business hours.  Flood maps and documentation is also available for reference at the public library.  Additional information can be obtained from the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) and the American Red Cross using the links on this page.

Morris Canal Piers
Morris Canal Pier Report - June 2014
Morris Canal Aqueduct Pier Removal, HPO Project 13
Morris Canal Public Safety Enhancement PowerPoint Presentation
Morris Canal Public Safety Enhancement PDF Presentation
Morris Canal Sections Layout 1
Morris Canal Sections Layout 2
Morris Canal Sections Layout 3

Denville Flood Risk Reduction Action Plan - April 2014 **

Rockaway River FHA Permit Application - 2014
Rockaway River FHA Permit Application, Final Plans - 2014
Denville Flood Risk Reduction Considerations Presentation - January 29, 2013  **  
Denville Flood Risk Reduction Action Plan - February 2013  ** 
** Note: These are large files.  Allow time to open.

Township of Denville 2008 Master Drainage Plan and Exhibit Maps (Last Revised December 1980)
Denville Drainage Exhibit I (June 1980)
Denville Drainage Exhibit II (June 1980)
Denville Master Drainage Plan (June 1980)

Upper Rockaway River (URR), Basin Studies and Flood Control Documents
URR - Flood Control and Ecosystem Restoration Study (January 2003)
URR - US Army Corps of Engineers Feasibility Study for Flood Damage Reduction & Environmental Restoration (1999)
URR - Reconnaissance Study for Flood Control & Environmental Restoration Study (May 1997)

Upper Rockaway River, Flood Damage Reduction and Ecosystem Restoration June 2008 Reports
Alternative Plan Formulation Report - Main Report
Draft Integrated Feasibility Report and Environmental Assessment - Volume II
Alternative Plan Formulation Report - Volume III