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Nuisance Control

All complaints the Denville Health Department receives are recorded and individually investigated. When the complaint involves a sanitary nuisance or a potential health hazard to the public, follow-up action is carried out by the Registered Environmental Health Specialist (REHS). In the event that the complaint does not come under the jurisdiction of this department, it is referred to the responsible authority or agency. 

File a Health Department Complaint  (Form Center Document)

Frequently Asked:  
Does Denville test for mold?  
No, our department does not test for mold.  Currently, there are no regulations or standards that require mold to be cleaned up or address how much mold you can be exposed to.  Our department has no jurisdiction over air issues inside of buildings, whether commercial or residential.

What can I do if I rent a house or apartment with mold?
If you are renting a house or apartment with mold, the property owner should be contacted regarding the mold problem.  For information regarding landlord/tenant issues you can contact the Bureau of Homeowner Protection.

Mold Guidelines for NJ Residents