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Public Recreational Bathing

Inspections are conducted at public swimming pools, lakes and spa facilities, including apartments, condos, township facilities and hotels two times per year. The random, unannounced inspections are conducted to ensure compliance with all applicable state and local requirements. The public pools, lakes and spas are checked for issues such as safe water quality, proper life-saving equipment, correct fencing/enclosure, proper safety signs and adequate water recirculation equipment.  See below for a complete listing of guidelines, applications and other materials available for download.

Public Recreational Bathing FAQ’s

Public Recreational Bathing Code  (Form Center Document)

Public Recreational Bathing Fact Sheet  (Form Center Document)

Application for Public Recreational Bathing Facilities  (Form Center Document)

Free Chlorine Residual Guidance Document  (Form Center Document)

Drain Cover Recall FAQ

Fecal Accidents  (Form Center Document)