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Public Recreational Bathing FAQ's

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1.  We are a private lake.  Why do we need to obtain a health department license and follow regulations?

According to N.J.A.C. 8:26 The NJ Recreational Bathing Code, a private recreational bathing place is defined as a body of water used for swimming, diving and recreational bathing by an individual, family, living unit members and their guests which shall not serve any type of cooperating house or joint tenancy of 3 or more living units.  Public recreational bathing is defined as any other type of bathing place that is not private, therefore lakes serving 3 or more households are considered public bathing places according to the State Sanitary Code.

2.  Do you test pools and lakes and how often? 

This department does not test pools and lakes, however, they are required to have a laboratory under contract and have the water tested weekly during the operating season.  This department receives a copy of the lab reports.  If a facility receives two consecutive unsatisfactory lab reports, they will be closed by the health department until they receive a satisfactory result.  Pools are tested for chlorine, pH and standard plate count.  Lakes are tested for fecal coliform.