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Vital Statistics

  Registrar of Vital Statistics
  Tel:   973-625-8300 ext. 262
  Fax: 973-627-8371 
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Office of Vital Statistics

Marriage license applications are taken by appointment only

Every attempt will be made to issue a birth / marriage / death certificate at the counter, however, circumstances may arise that may prevent over the counter issuance of a certificate.  In this case, the application will be accepted at the counter and the certificate will be mailed to the applicant in a timely manner.

The Office of Vital Statistics is responsible for maintaining and safekeeping vital records of births, marriages, civil unions, domestic partnerships and deaths that occurred in the Township of Denville.  Our office issues certified copies of the above events. 

The vital records for events that occurred in other municipalities or other states are not located in the office of Vital Statistics of theTownship of Denville.  Each municipality maintains their own vital records. 
If you are looking for a vital record for an event that occurred in another municipality or another state, please contact the Registrar of that municipality or state.

Valid photo identification is required.  Your ID must have your current address.  Only immediate family members of legal age can obtain a certified copy
of the record.  This person must provide proof of their relationship to the person listed on the record.

You can request a copy of a vital record in person or by mail.  If you request a copy of a vital record in person, you will receive a certified copy at that time.  All certified copies contain the official stamp of the Township of Denville.  The person requesting a birth certificate will need valid photo identification.












Please note the following:

  • All applications must be signed.
  • If your current name is different than your birth name, you must show proof of the change.
  • Incomplete and/or illegible applications without required documentation will be returned to the sender and may result in processing delays.
  • All Vital records can only be mailed to requestor’s current address with proper ID.
  • Social Security cards are not issued from this office. 
    You may contact the Social Security Administration @ 1-800-772-1213 
  • Faxing of Vital Documents is prohibited.