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"A batch of red tulips are planted each year at one of the Denville schools or municipal facilities as a reminder that the Denville Municipal Alliance Committee is working toward a Drug Free Community.  The idea was implemented by one of our MAC committee members,  Mr. Nick Picciano.  Nick was one of many great Denville teachers  and volunteers who have dedicated their lives toward helping children stay on the right path" 

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Quick Facts 

Know The Law – Alcohol is illegal to purchase or possess if you are under age 21.  Possessing or taking any drugs that are not prescribed to you is illegal.

Be Aware Of The Risks – Drinking and drugging increases the risk of injury, car crashes, falls, burns, drowning and suicide.

Keep Your Edge – Alcohol can ruin your looks, give you bad breath and make you gain weight.

Do The Smart Thing – Drinking and drugging can jeopardize your health, education, freedom, family ties, social and work life.

Play It Safe – Marijuana use decreases concentration, academic and athletic performance and contains cancer-causing chemicals.

Sweep Away The Myths – Some household products such as nail polish remover, cleaning fluid, hair spray, gasoline, spray paint, and the propellant in aerosol cans can be abused as dangerous inhalants; more than one in five children report having used inhalants by the 8th grade.

Blow It Away – One in five 12th grade teens is a daily cigarette smoker

Parents…Did You Know? - 25% of 8th graders have admitted to being intoxicated at least once.  Some teens even buy or steal the prescribed drug Ritalin to get high.  Other kids participate in “pharming” parties where various prescription drugs are taken to get high.

Steroids – These drugs can produce more than 70 potentially harmful side effects such as liver cancer, depression, aggression, acne and sterility. 

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National Statistics

 Show That:

  • More than 5 million high school students binge drink at least once a month.
  • In 2000, there were over 2,300 alcohol-related fatalities among youth ages 15-20.
  •  Eight young people die each day in alcohol related crashes.
  •  Emergency room cases involving heroin use among youth between 12 and 17 years of age nearly quadrupled in the 1990’s.


Municipal Alliance Committee



Working Together for a

Drug-Free Community

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Denville MAC


              Many Assisting the Community


Mission Statement

The Denville Municipal Alliance Committee (MAC) is motivated and dedicated to promoting awareness and prevention of alcohol, tobacco and other drug abuse and its devastation upon our youth and the community.

The committee advocates and supports various programs within the schools and Denville community in the pursuit of enhancing and creating effective communication, education and intervention goals.

What is MAC? 

MAC (Municipal Alliance Committee) is a community based, non-profit organization, dedicated to securing funding and coordinating efforts to combat alcohol, tobacco and other drug abuse through prevention, intervention, education and alternative activities. 


Who belongs to MAC? 

Denville MAC members are representative from local governmental bodies, business, the healthcare community, law enforcement, religious leaders and the community at large.  All of our members have an interest in the health, welfare, and quality of life in our community.


How is MAC funded?

MAC is funded through the Governor's Council on Alcoholism and Drug Abuse with fines and revenue collected through drug related offenses, as well as township matching funds, fundraisers, and private donations.


Denville MAC Programs

  • Targeted Community Education and Awareness:    For the opiod epidemic, vaping, internet safty and suicide prevention
  • Police/Community Prevention Activities
  • Senior Wellness
  • Family Fun Events
  • LEAD
  • Health Awareness Activities
  • Rachel's Challenge
  • Denville School District: Culture and Climate Change Initiative
  • Safe Schools
  • Drug Resistance Programs
  • Ryan's Story


Informational/Referral Sources:

 Addictions Hotline of NJ……….1-844-276-2777
Prevention is Key....................973-625-1998
Center for Addiction Recovery Education & Success (CARES)......... 973-625-1998
Crisis 24 hour hotline:..........973-625-0280 (emergency evaluation for adults and children
Central Evaluation and Referral:........ 1-888-626-2111 (assments and counseling services)
State of New Jersey Facing Addiction Taskforce: www.reachnj.gov (addtional ressources & social services)

Municipal Alliance Committee Members 

  • Mayor Thomas Andes
  • Coordinator, Margaret McCluskey
  • Morris County Coordinator Stephen Nebesni
  • Carol Bsarany
  • Glen Buie, Councilmen
  • Angie Cote
  • Kathy Covert
  • Vikki Edmundson
  • Fran Kelly
  • Joan Knapp
  • Lucille Kuser
  • Rupande Mehta
  • Stacey Murphy
  • Darlene Price, Twp Liason 973-627-8300 ext 296
  • Anne Marie Remillard
  • Arlene Stoller, Morris County
  • Lorna Tangara
  • Bill Underwood, Police Dept