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Edited 1-27-2012


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Non-Residential Recycling Initiative       Non-Residential Inspection/Checklist  

Denville Recycling Regulations




The Township of Denville complies with recycling programs as established by the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection, and Morris County MUA. 


The Township of Denville’s Municipal Recycling Coordinator and the Department of Public Works coordinate closely with the Code Enforcement Officer, Denville’s Fire Marshall and Health Inspector to ensure compliance to recycle ordinances and sustainability efforts.


Each property owner, business, multi-family dwelling and institution must be able to demonstrate their recycling program is active, current and effective.


Comply with the law, help the environment and save your company money.                                    



1.  Commercial establishments are required to submit annual recycling plans/vendor contracts by January 15th of each year.   See Sample Recycling Plan in Form Center

2.  Each business, institution, office complex, hotel, school and multi-family dwellings is required to complete a recycling tonnage report on or before March 1st of each year.  See Form Center

Both reports should be sent to:

Denville Department of Public Works, 140 Morris Ave, Denville, NJ 07834.


If you have any questions or require additional information, you are encouraged to contact


gray divider 



Township of Denville Business Recycling Checklist       Date __________


The following information will be used by inspectors to access compliance with the recycling ordinances.


Name of Facility  _______________________________


Address ______________________________________         


City  ___________________         State____________       Zip ____________


Contact __________________________          Phone ________________


Email _______________________

Property owner  _______________________________


Address _______________________________         


City _____________________    State____________    Zip ____________


Contact ________________________     Phone ________________


Email ______________________


Type of recycling service

                        SINGLE STREAM   YES/NO _______

                        DUAL STREAM – if yes explain




Does the establishment have a written plan                            yes/no ____________

            SEE Sample Recycling Plan in Form Center

If yes -- provide documentation

      If no --- provide current recycle vendor contract

                  (Provide basic list of vendors in question 2)


Can you provide documentation regarding shipment of your recyclables?    YES/NO _____

Shipping documents/master log? Explain.




What items are covered in recycle plan?


Mandatory Material                                                          Vendor

AUMINIUM CANS                                                 __________________________


GLASS BOTTLES AND JARS                                 __________________________


PLASTIC BOTTLES (CODED 1,2,4,5,7)                 __________________________


STEEL/TIN                                                         __________________________


PAPER                                                               __________________________


NEWSPAPER                                                      __________________________


CORRUGATED CARDBOARD                               __________________________



      LEAVES                                                      __________________________

      GRASS                                                       __________________________

      BRUSH                                                       __________________________

      NATURAL WOOD WASTE (LOGS.STUMPS)     __________________________


Motor oil                                                            __________________________


Metal appliances                                                  __________________________


Whole tires                                                           __________________________


Hazardous dry cell batteries                                    __________________________


Lead acid batteries                                                  __________________________


Oil contaminated soil                                                __________________________

Food Establishments – grease, cooking oil                   __________________________


Electronics – TV, computers, lap tops, monitors             __________________________


Other – see Recycling Tonnage Report  in Form Center

_________________________                                      __________________________

__________________________                                      __________________________


Name and title of person assigned to oversee the establishment’s recycling efforts.


Name ______________________________________    Title     __________________


Phone   ____________________________                     Email _________________



How is recycling information disseminated to employees?




If establishment is multifamily dwelling:

Provide documentation of recycling flyer given to new tenants as required by law.

Provide documentation of 6 month notice as required by law.


                  See Sample Recycling Plan in Form Center 


Name and title of person(s) who collects recyclables and maintains source segregation (custodial staff, etc)


Name ___________________________    Title ________________________

Name ___________________________    Title ________________________



Recycling Bins


Are separate recycling bins used inside the establishment?          ________________


How many recycling bins are visible?                                         ________________   

Minimum 2 recycling bins is strongly suggested

                  # of Recycling bin effectively placed for visitors       ________________

                  # of Recycling bins effectively placed for workers    _________________


Posters/signage – are recycling containers clearly marked?

Free decals

See examples of posters Grey Bin  Blue Bin


Does posting clearly explain anticipated contents      YES/NO _________

Each bin labeled individually by signs                       YES/NO _________

Area labeled by poster                                            YES/NO _________



Consolidation dumpster used outside the building?    YES/NO _________

How many?  _________________

Dumpster # 1 LABELED for ?      _____________

Dumpster # 2 LABELED for ?      ______________

Establishment specific        YES/NO _________

If no    list names of other establishments that use the outside dumpsters





Each labeled properly for type of recyclables             YES/NO _________

Each dumpster area neat and orderly                         YES/NO _________

Conveniently located for proper use                           YES/NO _________


ARE THEY BEING USED PROPERLY                 YES/NO _________

(any cross contamination with trash) 




New establishments:

Any application to the Township of Denville Planning Board for subdivision for the following types of location must include a recycling plan.

Multifamiliy – 3 or more units

Single family developments of 50 or more units

Industrial development of 1,000 sq feet or more of land

  1. Plan must include expected composition and amounts of solid and recyclables generated
  2. Locations must provide for convenient recycling opportunities for all owners, tenants and occupants. Recycle area shall be of sufficient size, location and other attributes (signage, lighting, fencing) as may be determined by Municipal Recycling Coordinator.
  3. Prior to issuance of Certificate of Occupancy by the Township, the owner of the proposed establishment must supply a copy of a duly executed contract with a vendor for the purposes of collection and recycling of source segregated material where the municipality does not otherwise provide this service.



Construction, Renovation, and Demolition Debris Recovery Plan

a.   “Covered project” shall mean a construction, renovation or demolition project for which a building permit, or demolition permit is required and for which a dumpster or roll off container shall be placed on premises for the purpose of solid waste materials.

b.   A debris recovery plan shall be filed with the municipal recycling coordinator prior to commencement of the activity listed above. The plan shall identify the types of estimated quantities of construction, renovation and demolition (C R D) debris to be generated, how each material will be managed and the name or service provider to that material. Plan shall further detail how the applicant shall ensure that a minimum of 50 % of the materials to be generated will be separated and recycled.

c.     Debris recovery plan shall be reviewed by Municipal Recycling Coordinator (MRC) and if acceptable, plan shall be marked “approved” and returned to the entity submitting the plan. MRC can grant adjustments to the 50 % diversion rate.

d.    Upon completion of the covered project, but before the final inspection, the owner of the entity carrying out a covered project shall submit in person or by certified mail to the MRC the documentation required to demonstrate that the applicant has met the diversion requirement. Documentation must include: quantity of each material, receipts of service providers utilized in the project and any other information which is relevant to determining compliance to the diversion requirement.


           Annual tonnage report filed                Date   ______________

Each business, institution, office complex, hotel, school and multi-family dwellings is required to complete a recycling tonnage report on or before March 1st of each year

Reports should be sent to:

Denville Department of Public Works, 140 Morris Ave, Denville, NJ 07834.



Inspector  _________________________________             Signature _____________________




                                                                                                                                                                                   Sample Recycling Program                                     


                                    Sample Recycling Plan                                  Date _______


Note----- Non residential establishments may send copies of executed recyclable vendor contracts instead of recycling plan.


Below is customizable sample language addressing the Establishment’s recycling program, indoor and outdoor bin(s), and move in/out requirements



I am a    _____ tenant    ___ property owner     ____ non residential establishment

NAME ______________________________

Address ____________________________________________________

has an active recycling program. All employees/tenants/visitors are strongly encouraged to participate in the program.

New Jersey DEP, Morris County MUA and Township of Denville regulations are observed and followed:

NJ Recycling

Morris County Recycling

Township of Denville Recycling         




Recycle program is active, current and effective. ____ (initial)


Written recycle program is in place and can be reviewed upon request. ____ (initial)


I been given educational materials that explain what materials must be sorted from my garbage and recycled____(initial)


I have received information on the regulations which apply to recycling.  ____ (initial)


I have been shown the building’s recycling & garbage area _____(initial)


A list of recyclable materials is made available to each tenant (upon move-in), employee  and can also be found on each recycling (DUMPSTER/CART).


Other ……………………

Recycling Containers

   Inside Building

        Recycling bins and trash containers are properly labeled effectively placed.

   Outside Building

        DUMPSTERS/consolidation containers are located at convenient locations and properly labeled. Area is neat and    orderly. Only recyclable materials may be placed into the recycling containers. A list of recyclable materials is available and can also be found on each recycling (DUMPSTER/CART).


Additional lists are available from …………..



            Place specific information on procedure to recycle each item:

AUMINIUM CANS                                                    __________________________

GLASS BOTTLES AND JARS                                      __________________________

PLASTIC BOTTLES (CODED 1,2,4,5,7  ????)               __________________________

STEEL/TIN                                                               __________________________

PAPER                                                                     __________________________

NEWSPAPER                                                             __________________________

CORRUGATED CARDBOARD                                      __________________________

Food establishments – grease, cooking oil                        __________________________

Others ……………………………..



Multifamily: New tenant(s) receive recycling information at time of move in. Tenants receive follow up recycling information every six months.

Non residential  ……place site specific information.



All recyclable materials will be placed recycling containers.

Bulky items (mattresses, couches,) will be disposed of properly.

Household hazardous waste (paint, batteries, cleaning supplies, etc.) will be taken to Household Hazardous Waste (HHW) Collection Facility and /or disposed of according to regulations.

Unwanted electronics will be handled per regulations.


Other site specific considerations




___________________________                                          _____________________

Name                                                                                 Signature